Honda introduces its new RC213V MotoGP in Jakarta


The Repsol Honda team has unveiled its sports project
for the season 2017
in an act quite austere held in Jakarta. Away
the presentations of Yamaha, Ducati or Suzuki, televised live, with
the presence of two bikes and their respective riders equipped with the monkeys
of competition, the event prepared by Honda has barely been able to follow by
streaming, it only had one unit of the new Honda RC213V and with the
pilots dresses of sport. In any case, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa already
have your new weapon
to be able to fight for the MotoGP title.

is Not the first time that Honda introduces his bike after the
first pre-season test
. In 2016, already was so, but on this occasion the
feelings have not been entirely positive. The discrete presentation of the new
Honda RC213V in Jakarta (Indonesia) comes from the hand of the problems that has
had the team during the three days of testing in Sepang
, scenario in
the that the own Marc Marquez confirmed that the engine is not delivering the
performance expected. All in all, the current MotoGP champion ended the test with the third fastest time.


During the presentation, Marc Marquez it was quite
pragmatic and appealed to both the work to be able to fight for the title and leave behind
the sensations somewhat contradictory collected during the Sepang test:
“It’s a new season, everything we have done over the past year
left behind. the situation at The end is the same. We as a team try to
work hard during the preseason and then, of course, we will try to
to fight for the title again

, Dani Pedrosa affirmed before the people and before the press this: “The objective,
logically, it is to fight for the championship and at the same time for the win in every
race if we have the chance. we Want to be ahead and have a good
, something that has not always been possible. Although no doubt what I most desire is
be free of injury, it is something very important. If I get to be free of
injuries, I think that I will be able to be fast