Honda is already testing the version spicy of your Civic sedan

With the tenth generation of the Civic, Honda wanted to take a blow from helm to its best-selling model. Remember that this car has been sold in the world more than twenty million units, representing a quarter of the sales of the brand throughout its history. strategic importance to Honda, the product managers have wanted to equip the new generation of the Civic of the best arguments to fight with guarantees of success against the great leaders of the category.

In this case, the main rivals of the model japanese are not the Kia Ceed, Hyundai i30 or Citroën C4. The Civic points to the top of the category of compact (Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz A-Class), and even though you uncheck them all by size, also does it for another series of technological elements. One of the incentives that will (as it has been in almost all previous editions) will be your sport variant Type R and of course, Honda wants to give a bang on the table and demonstrate to the public and rivals who know how to make sports cars, very sporty.

Honda Civic sedán

At this point we already know that the Type R on the bodywork of five doors is finalizing its test of validation to be presented at any auto show. However, what we didn’t know is that Honda also is preparing a version spicy of the sedan body. The photographers spy Motor1 have echoed this and have captured the Civic Sedan with a good layer of camouflage while the firm’s engineers carried out a typical test and trials for the main mechanical organs from the model.

Obviously this Civic spicy will not have the name of Type R, but it could be called “If”. Apparently, ride the same mechanics that the Civic Coupe Si, so that we could be talking about the new block gasoline 1.5-liter displacement and an output of over 200 hp. In addition, both the Sedan version as a Coupe Civic could mount some souvenirs that would improve the behavior of the car, like a limited-slip differential, a system of active steering and active dampers.

Will have to be crossing your fingers for if the japanese firm decides to bring it to our market. We are looking forward to.

Source – Motor1

Honda Civic
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