Honda is confident in further reducing the disadvantage with Mercedes

a Large part of the success of McLaren in the beginning of this new era after the departure of Ron Dennis will depend, as in the past two years, the performance that can offer the engine of Honda. The trademark nippon opens this third year of unique partnership with great expectations in terms of power, and trust in order to provide the MCL32 of a power unit to the height, thanks to a change in the philosophy of development, which has included the adoption of the system of turbine and compressor separate.

Still, the makers themselves acknowledge that the current level of Mercedes is perhaps too much to reach during this season. Without going any further, the chief engines of Honda, Yusuke Hasegawa, has put as a reference the level of power of the Mercedes engines at the end of the season 2016, and is convinced that Honda will reach these figures during the first races of the season

we Aspire to achieve the maximum level of the power units, which at the moment is Mercedes, but we don’t know how much power they have now. I have the feeling that we are not very far from where they were, but I think that we will reach at the beginning of the season. I’ve heard that Mercedes has also done a great job, which is very unfortunate. We have made some progress, and I hope that we can reduce the difference with them, but I will not know the exact numbers up, let’s roll”.

The changes introduced by Honda might be even more beneficial as you progress through the season, something in which the unlimited development will play a great role. As well recognized by the chief of engineering Matt Morris: “face to the rest of the year, the best thing is that, with the change of regulations, and having removed the token system, that allows us to develop a lot of the engine during the year, so that I am sure that where we start in Barcelona next week, will not be where we finish at the end of the year. It will be a period of exciting development for us, with the base architecture of the engine, which I think is where it should be. As we do with the chassis, we have a good architecture there, and we hope we can make progress the performance during the season”.

like Hasegawa, Morris believes that the UP of Honda is not at the height of the Mercedes: “we all seem to have an architecture engine which is correct, and able to challenge the best. In terms of where we are in absolute performance, it is difficult to know. what we’re Going to start with an engine that surpasses that of the Mercedes at the beginning of the season? Probably not. But if we can continue to reduce the difference as we have done the last two years, then it will be a great step forward”.