Honda is confident to be a reliable in Australia, but the power will it take to get


The pre-season McLaren-Honda has been terrible from all points of view and, although McLaren is not confident that there is a short-term solution, Yusuke Hasegawa says that at least a part of the problems are fixed times for Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne to enjoy a weekend without failure in the Australian Grand Prix.

Hasegawa admits that the lack of power of the engine is the biggest problem and that lack of reliability will only be transient. “The biggest disappointment is the level of performance, especially the power is not competitive. The reliability problems I believe that we can resolve it before Melbourne. At least the problems that we have had (in the test), we have already implemented some corrective measures and should be resolved”, said in a statement to RACER.

The power is the real problem

power is something that requires more effort and Hasegawa is confident that the evolutions scheduled during the season to offset that deficit with the rest of the teams, but will have to have more patience. “In two weeks is very difficult to find more power and performance. So, from the point of view of the concept of the engine, I think that we are going in very good direction, there are a few Great Rewards we’ll be introducing some improvements to have more power,”, said Hasegawa.

The head of Honda admitted that the problems that appeared in the preseason were not detected in the test bench, but also that are not something unknown, and who know how to fix them. “while there we had the same problems on the test bench, in general, are not new to us. We have some experience and some countermeasures, so I think that we can react”.