Honda is considering taking the S660 to the United States



Honda executive vice president for North America said the brand is considering marketing the S660 roadster in the US


Honda-S660 E l Honda S660 is a product born to be sold only in Japan, as it falls within a segment that only exists in that market, which the Japanese call kei car .

However, according to recent statements made by John Mendel , executive vice president of Honda North America, collected by the specialized site Edmunds indicate that the brand is considering bringing the small roadster to United States . Mendel said they are looking carefully at S660 for possible addition to the family of products sold in that market, but stressed that the decision is not yet taken.

The Honda S660 could disembark in America.

is that before Honda S660 imported to the United States , Mendel believes several issues must be addressed, especially those that deal with economic viability, but also with the purpose that the car fulfill in terms of branding, as we did not arise as a direct competitor to the Mazda MX-5, but as a product ‘halo’ that can attract people to the brand.

The S660 is 61 shorter centimeters and almost as wide as the MX-5 , although there is an important detail: you should develop a variant LHD, which would not be a drawback if Honda is planning to conquer other markets besides the US. For its propulsion system, it would be expected that engineers are replacing the engine .66 liters thinking turbo using the Japanese model, a unit of 1.0 liter , also with three cylinder block and force-feeding .

The Honda S660 began marketing in Japan in April with great success, as all production for this year is already sold.



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