Honda is still insisting to its customers to check the airbags is defective Takata

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The case of the airbags of Takata is going to last more than Falcon Crest and Honda, one of the firms most affected, it seems that he is losing patience with regard to calls to review. Since we talked to you about a time that the japanese manufacturer was going to call your customers to go through a service officer near you to check the airbags in their cars. It seems that the owners of the cars affected do not see your security in danger because don’t end up to approach to review as the brand has asked of you.

In this case the new call for review is being conducted in Australia, but the same is happening in the united States customers do not just pass by the shop to include in their car airbags new. In this country the problem is twofold since there are some models that they replaced the airbags. The case is that these are also of Takata and again come back to be affected by the same problems that the first.

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The models that have come to be called to pass by the workshop are: Civic produced since the year 2000. Jazz (15.535 units), City (1.426 units), Accord american (2.656 units), Accord european (4.804 units), Insight (233 units) and Legend (36 units). Many of these models have already changed the driver’s airbag, however after it was discovered that the passenger’s were also evil must pass through the workshop to repeat the operation.

Even so and with all the problems you are having Honda to replace airbags defective car the rate of operations is going to improve. By now the signature has been reported that the 650.376 vehicles affected by this problem have already succeeded in replacing more than 330,000. This assumes that you already have reached the 50 percent airbags changed or what is the same, about 5,000 changes per week.

To conclude, back to the brand to insist on the need of to perform this operation preventive security. At the same time reminds to the owners that this step by the workshop does not have any cost to them so that they can do it as soon as possible.

Source – Honda Motors Co

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