Honda: “it Is our duty to supply to more teams”


That Sauber will be the second client computer of Honda in the Formula 1 it is an open secret that it is not likely that late in being confirmed. Nor is that McLaren already lost the battle and has agreed to that Honda to expand its portfolio of clients.

this has been confirmed also Yusuke Hasegawa in Sochi, noting that, in addition to the practical reasons, there is a kind of moral commitment to Formula 1. “Since the beginning of our activity in the F1 we have committed ourselves to support this association (with the category), so from that point of view it is our duty and we have to deliver to multiple computers. And we also thought that we will provide some benefits to the team (McLaren-Honda), because we have more data and options to accumulate miles. Therefore, we did not refuse to have a second or third team, we’re talking with several, but in this moment, I unfortunately don’t have nothing to say”, ” said the japanese, that is not in a position to confirm yet the agreement with Sauber and the negotiations with other teams.

Hasegawa has also insisted that the decision of Honda to completely change the engine this year was not a mistake and that the philosophy chosen will end up giving you results and it will show successful. “The direction taken is correct, the concept is right, so we think that we can make good progress during the season” said the head of Honda.