Honda may be following a robotised gearbox triple clutch and eleven marches

logo-hondaTo our fathers, when they were young, to purchase a touring with a manual gearbox five-speed meant buy a real car, a good car. Not all models had five gears, reserving that number of relationships to cars of a certain value.

Today, there are few compact manuals that comply with the five-speed, while the changes to automated or automatic transmissions in drive to simulate having several gears to coast electronics approaching, in some cases, to the nearest ten. A good example is the Jeep Renegade nine-speed that we tested a few months ago. Now, it seems that Honda is developing a gearbox robotized even more complex.

Caja de cambio automática

automatic Gearbox

The japanese manufacturer recorded, on may 27 the patent office of Japan, a gearbox triple clutch and no less than eleven marches. The objectives pursued by the manufacturers to increase the number of relationships are reduce consumption to have a greater versatility, increase the smoothness of the operation and in conditions of high-demand mechanical, to keep the revolutions the maximum time possible in the “good area” of the tachometer, that is to say, as close to the maximum power.

perhaps the most surprising part of this transmission of Honda recently patented is not so much the number of gears, but the use of three clutches. The main advantages that are obtained when using more clutches is the shortest time that is needed in the jumps up, which translates into smoothness of operation.

The boxes of a double clutch as they do almost instantly, but they can “choke”, in sequential mode, the driver order to increase or decrease at various speeds in a short time. In theory, this situation would improve enough with a manual gearbox robotic with two clutches like the one that Honda could be preparing.

Source – AutoGuide