Honda might be thinking of resurrecting the Prelude

Honda Prelude

Honda is one of the brands of cars that more history has done with some of their cars and one of them is the Prelude. The first generation of this car came on the market in the year 1979 and remained active for five generations. However in the year 2001, the brand decided to withdraw it from the market for its low sales, since coupes sports had passed to a better life within the driver preferences.

however, the old rockers never die, and the Prelude might happen the same thing. In the past Los Angeles Auto Show, Rob Keough, responsible for planning the range Civic, commented that the senior managers of the brand could be thinking of a return to the market of the Honda Prelude. To be certain this statement, the manufacturer nippon could go back to a segment in which it is not since last three decades.

Honda Prelude

The brand has very good reviews (media specialist) of the new Honda Civic Typer R and on the basis of this information could be cast down to the pool to bring back to life one of the flagship models of the automotive sector.

however you must take into account the negative part of this resurrection. The Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ models are more similar today to what the Prelude was offered to their drivers. These models were launched in the market with many hopes, however finally their sales have not turned out to be all good that the marks they had hoped and therefore it is very likely to leave this world without a substitute.

remains to Be seen if this information is confirmed and if Honda decides to make a model of these features. Since then, it would be great, since that would return to the coupes sporting japanese to their rightful place.