Honda Motors joins Hitachi to make electric motors

Honda Hitachi

The course that has taken the automotive world requires companies to be increasingly multi-disciplinary. Because it is not worth to be the best signature on something concrete, there is now to be all in all if you don’t want the competition that you delete the map. Honda Motors is the largest manufacturer of engines internal combustion of the world however, with electric cars accelerating the pace, should be tailored to the needs of the market if you do not want to be overpowered by the situation.

The japanese constructor has a extensive knowledge the development of hybrid vehicles or fuel cell stack. As an example of this knowledge we have the last alliance it has signed with General Motors for the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells for their cars. However, in regard to vehicles powered by batteries anda still in diapers. Therefore, in order to improve your knowledge, has decided to establish a agreement with the specialist in electronic components Hitachi.

Honda NSX GT3

This firm, of origin is also japanese, is specialized in the manufacture of appliances, consumer electronics, integrated circuits, or batteries for this type of products. With this agreement, both companies are committed to working together in the manufacturing of electric motors for vehicles. will create a new company that you should start your journey between march and June of this year. In addition, both Honda as Hitachi want to have facilities in the united States and China to study the market and so make engines that better suit the tastes of both audiences.

Thanks to the work between the two companies, Honda will be closer to fulfill their goals in terms of the electrification of its range. According to the company, for the year 2030 want two-thirds of its cars are driven by electricity and if the agreement goes according to plan they could stick to it. In addition, the other part of the range should be covered by models driven for mechanical hybrid or fuel cell doing that they become global leaders in sustainable mobility.

Source – Honda