Honda must decide where to hurt Alonso: Do Silverstone or the Hungaroring?


Honda gives one of lime and another of sand, something that seems inevitable this season. When, finally, the optimism we had it installed at McLaren, a new design flaw has put Fernando Alonso in a complicated situation for the next races.

And all of this because of the MGU-H revised, Honda premiered this weekend coupled to the third specification of the propellant that’s so good feelings I had left in Baku and up to the time at the Red Bull Ring.

This development, called Spec 3, has enabled Honda to earn about three tenths per lap, in addition to improving the reliability of the combustion engine. But the complex propellant hybrids of today have four elements that make up the thruster unit, and one of them, the recovery of thermal energy, will be the force Fernando Alonso to penalize positions on the grid in some of the next Big Prizes.

it Was the latest version developed from the last race, we will have to modify it

The MGU-H broken had been revised and released in Austria, but the chronic problems suffered throughout the season, both Alonso and Vandoorne have already used seven of nine weekends, we have reproduced it once more and Honda will have to re-prepare a further modification. “we Know what has been the problem in the MGU-H. we premiered the Friday, so we’re disappointed. It was the latest version developed from the last race, but I can’t describe what it has been exactly the failure has been mechanical. We will have to modify it”, admitted Yusuke Hasegawa.


Twelfth in qualifying, Fernando Alonso will have to dispute the points with the specification old Honda engine.

Fernando Alonso will not have a penalty this weekend, having ridden the propellant used in Azerbaijan -specification 2 less powerful – and not the new one, but Honda will have to decide what to do at Silverstone and the Hungaroring.

On the british circuit, you can choose to mount again Spec 3 with a MGU-H used in a motor Spec 2, thereby avoiding a penalty, or, evaluate if it’s worth it to penalize mounting a new engine Spec 3 with the MGU-H-modified and to face the Grand Prix of Hungary without penalties.

Bearing in mind that Silverstone has more stretches of fast in which the engine power is the decisive McLaren assumes that the Hungaroring is likely to be the circuit most favorable of the year for the MCL32 and, therefore, it would be ideal that Alonso was not penalized. On the other hand, the race of Silverstone is the home for McLaren, so Honda will have to make a difficult choice. “It’s something that we will consider”, acknowledged Hasegawa in Austria.

whatever the final decision, it is certain that McLaren will face a Great Prize knowing that your pilot star will have almost nil options get the points on Sunday.