Honda NC750X 2016: slight changes to stay current and be even more practical

in Addition to introducing changes in the Honda CB500X the japanese firm has also introduced a slight renovation to the Honda NC750X with the small nuances of the new bill that was presented on the occasion of the Living in Tokyo.

Honda offers for the NC750X a kit of limitation for those who have the carnet A2.

With this update the Honda NC750X premieres new Led lights both front and back as well as a taller screen, the same changes that we see in the facelift of the Honda CB500X.

in Addition to the Honda NC750X 2016 opens a new suspension Showa for the front axle and a mode S for the variant with the gearbox dual-clutch.

Reinforcing its hands-on approach we come across, in addition to the protection improved aerodynamics as already mentioned, with a more space in the hollow portacascos.

Under the label of crossover Honda presents us with a moto cut 54.8 horses:

beyond the new suspension Showa’t we find more changes in the fabric of the part of the cycle or its propellant. The Honda NC750X follow by resorting to a block of 54.8 horses, available with a kit of limitation for the carnet A2, which delivers a maximum torque of 68 Nm.

At the expense of knowing the price for this MY2016 we can take as a reference the current price. The version with manual change part from 7.549 euros, while the variant with the change of the double clutch part from 8.349 euros, both with ABS.