Honda Neowing: this is how a Japanese-term sports with three wheels

The Tokyo Motor Show not only we will be left with a number of automotive news. Honda , playing at home, warns us that we will find there a peculiar conceptual model, dubbed Honda Neowing , proposes a three-wheeled sport model .

Except surprise Honda booth will, as far as cars are concerned, the presence of NSX , the Civic Type R, the FCV and Honda Project 2 & 4

Not yet provide details of their excessive stumbled upon mechanical assembly a stamp sport oozing Japanese, sharp, savage and primitive essence. Angular shapes with wide handlebars and narrow tail, robust chassis and rear tire width.

But what about your mechanics?

No specified power, without giving details of their services, their capabilities, Honda tells of a hybrid mechanical where a block 4-cylinder boxer willing combined in line with electric drive which is responsible for providing increased strength in its acceleration.

“This concept proposes new solutions with a futuristic” Honda tells us in his statement making us dream with the arrival in the streets of a three-wheeled sports such stamp, and also makes us think in the communion between a conventional mechanical and electrical mechanics in a sports production.

We are looking forward details about its power, about their abilities as a hybrid vehicle, the possibility of being taken to production … and more pictures.

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