Honda patented system that detects the autolavados


A Honda CR-V in a autolavado.

In the register of patents u.s. has found a new application for Honda to register a system that detects that the vehicle is in a car wash and unable to connect in an automatic way the automatic wipers.

This system, which may seem redundant, it has a great utility in various markets, where you can get to be a problem that during the washing process is triggered, on their own, the windshield wipers. Because not only can you spoil the process of cleaning the windshield, but the clean run the risk of being caught by the devices of washing, such as rollers.

In some countries, like the americans, some washing tunnels operate with the car running or the contact connected. The customer enters the car and is led through a tunnel -hence the name – passing by the various stations, such as washing or drying.


Outline of the new patent from Honda.

As described by the japanese brand in the patent, the system would use the information collected by the numerous sensors that have the vehicle, to be able to detect that it is located in a facility of this type. By detecting parameters such as the noise and the vibration of the washing system, or the detection of water. In the same way, the vehicle collects information such as the speed or the readings from accelerator and brake.

In this way, the “brain” of the vehicle can distinguish between a simple autolavado or a storm, and thus avoid that the system could be turned off also on the road.

The brand has not revealed any details of the system, so that we do not know when you will be transferred to the production vehicles. However, this opens the door to new functionalities, such as if the vehicle is able to enter into mode “autolavado” automatically, there are other parameters that could be taken into account, as the folding mirrors.