Honda points to the oil tank as a possible cause of your problems


For the second consecutive day, McLaren has once again suffered problems related to the power unit, which have forced a new replacement of the same, and have significantly restricted the shooting of the team. After an early arrest by a check of gasoline, and of giving 29 laps, exactly the same as Fernando Alonso yesterday, Stoffel Vandoorne returned to his box reporting a loss of power.

McLaren proceeded almost immediately to replace the engine of the MCL32, with the hope of being able to roll it back at some point in the afternoon session. Yesterday it did the same thing after the turn of installation of Alonso, after an in situ research does not provide a diagnosis convincing of the problems. For this reason, the power unit of the spaniard was sent to the Honda factory in Sakura to analyze thoroughly and identify the fault, in addition to trying to recover the unit for the competition.

Yusuke Hasegawa, responsible for engines of Honda, acknowledged that the manufacturer japanese do not know the exact cause, but suspect that might be related to the design of the gas tank, whose configuration would not allow a correct operation: “Based on initial investigations, we believe that the problem is due to the gas tank of 2017, but requires further investigation before being able to confirm it”.

be the case, such a tank would have to be redesigned, which implies a redesign of other parts of the engine, something that is particularly crucial this year given the change of philosophy in packaging of the power unit in a McLaren, and in the alleged adoption of a system that separates the turbine from the compressor, in the style of the Mercedes. The operation of this system in the high engine rpm at which it works is complex, and a change must take this into account.