Honda puts the day the Vezel japanese for after to retouch the HR-V european

The current generation Honda HR-V (or Vezel in its market natal) takes the sale from the year 2014. In these almost four years, the fever of the SUV has increased exponentially, so the number of models that have arrived to the category in which campaigning has forced the japanese firm to put a day to your representative. Therefore, it is expected that the next day 25 February to be presented officially this lightweight restyling of half-life.

To encourage customers who may be interested in the renewed HR-V, Honda has released some images in that we can see what will be the changes that will suffer the design of their all the way to urban. In the front we can see a design that includes a redesigned grill, headlights anti fog, bumper with new forms and optical groups that will be able to incorporate technology Full LED in the versions equipped. Complete the exterior, some alloy wheels of new and old as well as a palette of colors up-to-date.

design that have the interior of the refurbished Honda HR-V we can not yet speak, as the firm has not revealed more images and data on this section. Is expect that the perceived quality increase with the inclusion of new fabrics and inserts for the dashboard and doors, as it will replace some trim and plastics that are not liked much when it came to the market.

on the other hand, the range mechanics for the japanese market will continue to maintain the block hybrid currently sold, and which sets the range of the model. In the case of Europe and the united States is likely to offer the new blocks gasoline i-VTEC Turbo that it has been released the current generation of the Civic, as well as the motor diesel i-DTEC.

As already happened with the marketing of the model in 2014, Honda has decided that it will be put on sale this restyling first in Japan, and adjacent markets, as in this area of the world has more success than in Europe. Taking into account this data, it is possible that it is in the Geneva motor show when we could see it with the settings that you have for our market.

Source – Honda

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