Honda question: where would you take a scooter SUV


What if there were an off-road scooter? It appears that Honda are seriously evaluating the mass production of the machine that is on your screens, a small scooter off-road tires and suspension. Is it silly or makes all the sense in the world? I favor the second option. The small displacement scooters are the preferred mode of transportation in parts of the world low per capita income and many walking roads and shabby – or unpaved -. With asphalt tires

Look at the drum brakes or single arm rear suspension. It is a simple bike.

The position of piloting a scooter is not the most appropriate to address obstacles SUV, so I do not see this bike as an adventurous machine, but as a prepared machine to meet the firm in disrepair and roads broken. seems to be based on the Vision range of cheap scooter , which Honda PCX 125 , which we recently tested is derived. That range would inherit a water-cooled engine – in the case of the bike image, the PCX is cooled by liquid -. Underpowered

But it is shown that weighing less than 120 kilos to 10 hp are enough to play hard. Look at the aggressive look of the bike, look at its aggressive fender and fairing, more aggressive than a Vision. Although it will be a cheap motor – and may not be sold in Europe to reach production – promises to deliver tons of fun and practicality. What would you do with a scooter SUV as this peculiar Vision? Would it work in Spain a similar concept?

Source: Lane Splitter
In motor: Honda PCX thorough test of 125 very economic and technological

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