Honda raises seriously rival the Mazda MX-5


The arrival of a Honda’s rival to the MX-5 is more than possible

the renewal of The Mazda MX-5 has done it once again start to speculate with the possible emergence of rivals for a segment with little advantage. Many brands are posed to emulate this best-selling, but few seem to decide to do so. The last one is Honda, which is thinking on attacking the throne with some surprises.

years Ago, Honda was known in the world, and for its reliable cars, with their breathtaking sports. Historical models such as the Honda NSX or the Honda S2000 are highly prized to this day, and while one has his back in this year that will enter, the other is unknown for now its future. What up now?

According to Autocar, Honda could be considering to recover the S2000 to cope with the MX-5. A risky bet for two reasons. A: the Miata is the great master, their features are hardly igualables, although from Italy think that the Fiat 124 Spyder can do it. Two: retrieve a name as special as the S2000 can cause stinging among the million followers, and generate some expectations that do not jibe with the philosophy of the MX-5, especially in terms of power and performance.


The MX-5 is the team to beat in the segment, there is no doubt

that is why there would be nothing strange that Honda decided to create a new denomination, a S3000 for example, which has always been suspect. This escalonarĂ­a a range of sporting activities would begin with the Honda S1000, which arrives next year, the S2000, if you ever want to get it back, and NSX, reserved for the highest pedigree sports nippon.

That Honda’s rival to the MX-5 should follow a series of guidelines, if it really wants to fight with the philosophy of the Mazda. Front-engine, non-excessive cubicaje and power, although we can already see that Fiat has opted for other terms about it, a manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive. As well as the possible incursion of a limited slip differential and a simple concept to the couple that attractive in terms of design and interior.

at the moment there is more than an idea that round in the head of the leaders of Honda, although it is already known that when the river sounds… Sure that with the passage of time we will knowing more about the viability of the project, which materialize would not before 2017 or 2018. So patience.


The S2000 ended production in the year 2009, since then many want her back

For its part, the S2000 remains a mystery. The desire to bring it back to life are many, but Honda has to be careful in the way it does. The performance and handling achieved by the original make your possible return is right in line with those terms. That’s why there’s a lot on the way to achieve it. It has even come to speculate with a possible hybrid system. Although for the moment nothing is known.