Honda reveals its plans “electrical” for Europe of face of the year 2025

Honda y su plan de vehículos eléctricos en Europa

Honda reveals some details of its strategic plan for electric vehicles in Europe, of face to the year 2025.

Although the big star of the booth for Honda at the Geneva motor show 2017 is the new Honda Civic Type R 2017, the truth is that the japanese manufacturer has revealed important details of their future the more immediately you little or nothing to do with the above-mentioned compact sport powered by a combustion engine that yields a power of 320 HP. In particular, we talked about the “vision electric” Honda.

The company nippon, revealing some details of its plan to face the year 2025 in Europe on launch of electric vehicles. Honda currently markets some hybrid cars, however, the manufacturer has not finished bet heavily on the plug-in vehicles. Something that will change in a very short. The first model Honda equipped with a two-motor hybrid system will reach the european market in the year 2018. Its launch is just around the corner.

The fact that Honda wants to ratify its commitment with the mechanical “electrified” is related to their estimates of sales of electric cars in Europe for the year 2025. They hope that by then, two-thirds of its enrollment apply to vehicles fitted with thrusters-electric. During the next few years, the old continent will be the main market in the global strategy for electric vehicles of Honda.

Honda NeuV Concept

Honda NeuV Concept, a small prototype of electric car and self-contained.

After the launch of this first hybrid next year, what will be the next step? The brand has confirmed that will add to your range plug-in hybrids, electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cell for marketing in Europe. And in the case of the latter type of vehicle, it is interesting to recall the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, which is also present in the Geneva motor show 2017.

At the end of last year had already arrived in Europe the first units of the Clarity Fuel Cell with the aim of performing different tests and publicise the advantages of the hydrogen fuel cell versus electric cars battery or those that use traditional fuels. Their autonomy of 700 km makes it the leader in its class although now its marketing is very limited due to the lack of infrastructure for their daily use.

we will be monitoring the steps that will give Honda in the next few months as if a new hybrid will be marketed next year, wants to say that it is very close to be seen. Our photographers spy will also be mindful if the opportunity arises to photograph it during a test session.