Honda Ridgeline 2016: pick-up most sensible and logical of the market

manufacturers of pick-up often to fill the figures and images adventurous your marketing literature. The image of these pick-ups is very masculine, with huge tires, chrome fenders look aggressive and powerful V8 engines under its hood. Since then, a Ford F-150 is not the typical vehicle that a father of a family suburban would buy it. However, yes it very well could be the owner of a new Honda Ridgeline. Honda throws a pick-up surprisingly capable and practical, based on its SUV, the Pilot.

unlike other pick-up, does not use a chassis rails and cross-members, employs a chassis monocoque origin SUV.

a few days Ago we show the first image of this new vehicle. We already have all of your information official, and we can issue a best value judgment. On an aesthetic level, the Honda Ridgeline is not surprising. Your front and dimensions to the C-pillar does not differ one iota from those of the Honda Pilot. The large SUV on which it is based this pick-up also inherits engine 3.5 V6 i-VTEC, a maximum power of 280 HP of power associated to an automatic gearbox of six relations. Not a single surprise mechanics, only proven solutions.

honda-rodgeline-2016-8From the C-pillar is where we find the surprise. A large box of dimensions generous: 150 centimeters wide and 160 centimeters long. These are figures that are finally in line – even surpassing them on some levels – with their main rivals, Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier (known as Navara in these parts). The previous generation of Ridgeline itself that was much more deficient in this aspect: its cargo box was to small and poorly profitable.

Is equally capable that a pick-up similar, but is more oriented to leisure-to-work pure and hard.

The practical component is the main argument in favour of the new Ridgeline. If you look at the detail: there is a second trunk, a plastic bucket that is accessible from the floor of the box. A hollow with a capacity more than interesting, in which you can also find the spare wheel. The spare wheel is a biscuit-type. A detail that is evidence of the guidance of this pick-up. It is not a tool of hard work as it may be a Chevrolet Colorado. It is a practical tool for a normal person.

honda-rodgeline-2016-9A car that goes unnoticed by its discreet appearance, with an interior identical – and very well done – a Honda Pilot. A car in which you can load up to 725 kg, and whose capacity for entrainment is still unknown. Ideal for carrying home the refrigerator new or bags of soil for the garden. It is an SUV with body-pick-up and an orientation to playful clear. It will be more comfortable and just as useful for a normal person, that does not need the image’s brave and aggressive for a Toyota Tacoma, for example.

Another curiosity is the gate to the box, instead of the typical gate that opens only downward, you can also open laterally. It is an atypical, but I think that Honda has been successful with their new Ridgeline.


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