Honda S2000, a tribute that went down in history

honda-s2000(12)A golden wedding anniversary, celebrate them. To do this you can choose to organize a party, inviting your friends to a banquet in that we do not miss the seafood or good ham. If you are one of those who prefers the privacy, you may prefer to do an intimate ceremony, with more friends, with a mass and lots of flowers. Honda, to celebrate their 50 years, chose something completely different. Called S2000 and the legacy that he left is still very exciting. Let’s get into the life of one of the roadster more important to the story that, after more than 15 years, no one has managed to replace.

Sure that if you mention to Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche or Soichiro Honda to know who I’m talking about, at least by their first name. All of them were men who in addition to founding a car company marked the history of the car. The last of them was, like his two counterparts, an enthusiastic person, passionate about engineering, technology, and the world of racing. Perhaps, by this last, the Honda S2000 was all about passion.

Only what is necessary to make you dream

Honda S2000As I’ve told you, I still don’t have memory leaks, the arrival of the Honda S2000 has a good excuse, to celebrate the 50 years of the brand. Although this 50-year anniversary really met in 1998, the japanese sports did not arrive until a year later. The staging was not even half of spectacular than you might expect. simple Design, without radicalism, with two seats to fill and a retractable roof made of canvas that just needed six seconds to appear and disappear. Only the low profile tires that looked wheels, 16-inch or the double exit exhaust put spice to this meal.

You are right, not you, to quito, in a golden wedding gifts do not may be lacking in detail. And this S2000, details what that says details… was not filled. If in the exterior we couldn’t find a design end or out of the ordinary in those wonderful nineties, the Mazda MX-5 had a similar aesthetic, in the interior, there was even less concern for the appearance. The cabin was just and necessary for the driver and its occupant, that is to say, air conditioning, power windows and central locking, forget about “luxuries” like being able to regulate in height of the steering wheel and the driver’s seat. In addition, you can imagine that space was also limited.

An engine innovative

2000 Honda S2000 Roadster engine.The Honda S2000 he did not need to pretend. And that is, what case it is not said that what is important lies on the inside? Attentive, here’s a good example. Under the skin of the asian rested a engine DOHC-VTEC four-cylinder and 2.0-liter that, with the european specifications, developed 240 horsepower. By differences in the ratio of compression, in the united States in accordance with 220 HP at a first time, while in Japan stated that a total of 250 HP. What do you think? The story improves by moments, right?

The Honda S2000 did not care about sections that were not directly related to the fact of getting the hair of your skin erizara. What I have learned in many years of success in competition, is embodied in this compact mechanical able to develop 120 HP per liter. A relationship that for the time, was a milestone. And is that nothing was left to chance. Among the mechanical solutions most notable were the decreased friction in the pistons that they used a material reference point in our day, the aluminum, or the incorporation of the VTEC system of variable timing.

2006 Honda S2000.In Japan, this engine became the mechanical atmospheric with better specific power, developing in this region, nothing less than 125 HP per litre. The same engine with the designation F20C, that stood behind the front axle to achieve a weight distribution of 50-50, was named International Engine of the Year in the category of “1.8 to 2.0-liter” during 5 years from 2000 to 2004. In addition, the F20C was on the list of the 10 best engines by Ward in 2000 and 2001.

With this concern the section mechanical is not surprising that the sensations I got this heart in the same body of someone who was at the steering wheel were similar to those who find themselves on a ferris wheel. Until you reach the 6,500 turns the thrust was smooth and progressive, demonstrating to us that in this range the angel that was inside. Nothing to see the devil that appeared when we spent in that regime, where the thrust and the sound was brutal up to arrivals to 9,000 turns.

Body of the athlete

Honda S2000of course, we will not get anything if we have a heart of an athlete in the body of Homer Simpsons. To get the effectiveness in the curve of the Honda S2000 boasted, in addition to offer the customer a car for every day, the company turned to a frame behavior prodigious that, combined with a suspensions-touch hard but able to absorb small irregularities, I got the roadster is aferrara to the ground as a small child to the leg of his mother when afraid of the time that I was aware of your kidneys and not thrashed in an urban driving.

Although better than not desembolsaras the more than six million pesetas that had to pay for it if you wanted a car for the city. Yes, their measurements were compact, did not exceed 4.2 metres, and was driving with agility, but the Honda S2000 did not want to be locked up, wanted to give you emotions with the sky as your ceiling, I wanted you to forget of everything and you’ll only centraras on it and on the road. Its nature of rear wheel drive and the assembly of a limited-slip differential, you left in a scenario of pure sportsmanship in you, you acted on them happy.

Honda S2000 today

Honda S2000In 2009, Honda had completed the production of its S2000 with the special edition Ultimate Edition. In this way, closed a chapter that neither the brand nor the enthusiasts like us in the world of the four wheels we have forgotten. But this does not meant a goodbye, we can still get a unit of this japanese sports in the market second-hand, although it will not be easy. We did not find too many options where to choose, and that we have the most fitted accessories are not original. As for the price the greater part wander between 15,000 and 20,000 euros, a number that forces us to sopesarlo carefully.

A review of the roadster market

nuevo-mazda-mx-5-nd-12we Currently have a number of exciting options that may give us feelings similar to those of the Honda S2000, though don’t expect this purity that made mythical asian. In the premium segment we find the BMW Z4, Audi TT Roadster or Mercedes SLK, models that, in addition to not be exactly cheap, the Honda S2000 nor was, are geared more to the luxury of the feeling. Both of the hoops as the sail of around 40,000 euros, while that of the star exceeds this figure with joy.

Asking for a similar amount, from 41.750 euros, we also highlight the Nissan 370Z Roadster, although this mount a motor more powerful than the versions of beginning of the German trio. But rest assured, if our budget is more limited, we have one of the most popular choices within the segments, the Mazda MX-5, a model with history and DNA of the roadster . Start the miata, it only cost you 25,000 euros. Yes, the power of starting is lower than the rest. Will soon be with us, the Fiat 124 Spider, a model based on the MX-5.

is There a future for the Honda S2000?

Honda S2000apparently, yes there will be a new generation of one of the roadster’s most important in the history of the car. According to count would be in full phase of development, inspired nothing less than the NSX. The latest reports claim that it will under the hood a mechanical hybrid and you will not lose that essence of sport that made him popular. With luck, you will arrive in 2017.