Honda S660 officially unveiled in Japan

honda s660 Honda S660, desvelado oficialmente en Japón The kei car are small specialist vehicles in large cities that abound in Japan. Attempt to combine small size with a large space and with limited by law to 64 horses mechanical, but enough for them to move freely. Its dimensions are also limited and have many tax advantages in Japan, hence its success.

Although the concept of kei-car goes linked to square shapes, if we have seen in the history small sports models like the beloved Honda Beat, who finally finds the protagonist of today’s most loyal and staff reissue. It has already been officially launched in Japan Honda S660 . A small two-seater roadster bella figura rear engine, rear wheel drive and low center of gravity. Features authentic sports.

honda s660 9 Honda S660, desvelado oficialmente en Japón Although its main characteristics are shared by exclusive models of Ferrari or McLaren, that if you could buy it if it is placed on the market in Spain, something really difficult. But in the case of Honda and its clear sports bets with the Civic Type R and the next NSX, it is worth dreaming see on our roads.

But this time the power will stay in the background, as this Honda S660 meets the standard of “take away one kilo before giving me a horse.” The motor tricilíndrico of 660 cubic centimeters helps a turbocharger to generate those 64 horses, that may seem few. Through a six-speed manual gearbox or automatic seven, becoming the torque to the rear wheels to move 830 kilos weight of this body of 3.395 meters in length and less than 1.5 meters height.

honda-s660-3 Well okay, maybe could do with a little more power. Some rumors speak of a sportier variant with 1.0 engine and 120 horses , with more sporting pretensions even in Japan without the possibility considered kei car. But maybe give it a more powerful engine it would lose the magic that surrounds it and turn it into something more extreme. In Honda are clear, they wanted a car that enter through the eyes and fall in love and they have succeeded, that is its greatest virtue.

At least to me they have succeeded and although it will not come to Spain, I can not stop watching their forms in the official album of photos that have been disclosed below. Its front reminds the new NSX, continues with up design side up to the rear where triangular LED headlights and a single exhaust outlet that promises a beautiful melody get all the attention. Inside, bucket seats look a welcome us along with a small diameter steering wheel and rim thickness. To top it off the crown cuentavueltas the center of the dashboard where speed is displayed digitally.

honda-s660-2 This is the new Honda S660, which will start with a price of 1,980,000 yen, which come to be 15,000 euros and will go on sale this April 2. In addition, Honda has already predicted that present a Special Edition Concept Edition and will be limited to 660 units . If this model were to Spain, would pass unnoticed. We fall in love, yes ,, but would that platonic love that could never have worked. Well, offer excuses for our sadness with the new Honda Civic Type R when landing on our roads.

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