Honda sends a 'zasca' Chevrolet proving the hardness of your Ridgeline

How we like the divots between brands. These small battles media to bring to light the best of each manufacturer. Struggles rivals that become viral and which do not, but get us a smile and discover the true potential of a model in question. In this case the battle is going pick-up, a battle for being the most hard.

I put it in background. The other day we show a video on how Chevrolet was comparing his pick-up Silverado, with respect to the segment leader american, the Ford F-150. In the video we showed how the steel case of the “Chevy” was tougher than that of his compatriot. Much more.

But has not been there the thing, since today we have a response from Honda, which also plays an important role in the segment of the u.s. pickup trucks. The model in question is a Ridgeline with box discovered. A model very similar to the previous two, and serves as a perfect example for the test.


Honda responds to Chevrolet with this video. The chop is served

just like in the video of Chevrolet, the box of the Ridgeline is put to the test so unfriendly, but the result is completely different. While in the F-150 were holes, and in the Silverado were brands, the pick-up of Honda, or change the test. Immaculate. A small zasca Japan that makes us see that there is life beyond the jurisdiction of u.s..