Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo: A new vision of the japanese brand in GT Sport

unlike many titles of driving, which strive to recreate the most of the reality, as happens in Project CARS or Assetto Corsa –the first in graphics and second in simulation-, Gran Turismo is still its own way. In Polyphony Digital know that their circuits, invented are even better than the real, but not a single one of paths lives a driving game.

are Also required cars, and the japanese have known for some time that the prototypes that have been presented in their previous titles have had a good receptionwho doesn’t remember that legendary Red Bull X2010 from Gran Turismo 5-. With this in mind, Gran Turismo Sport, its latest video game, will present several models prototype, so that players can drive cars that, most likely, never get to touch the asphalt real.

And it is that brands of all continents have opted for this curious project, the Vision Gran Turismo, in which, the manufacturers develop a vehicle prototype for the players of the famous driving game can run with him through the different paths.

Among other highlights of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo, the McLaren’s Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, and when it seemed that they had lost the head with models, supercars, Honda has recently launched its Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo.

The Sports Vision is the dream recent of the firm nippon to create a successor to the legendary S2000. It has an engine of 2 liters with 4 cylinders in line, turbocharged, and capable of generating 410 horsepower maximum. The propeller would be the same that incorporates the new generation of the Honda Civic Type-R.

To transmit all that power to the ground incorporates a gearbox dual-clutch with 8 speeds. Taking into account that its weight is estimated at 899 kilograms, the users of Gran Turismo Sport will enjoy this small bullet japanese by more than 20 paths available in the title.

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