Honda turns to Fernando Alonso to the launch of the Honda NSX and, of course, we can’t help but think of Ayrton Senna

it is less to begin to see the new Honda NSX on our streets. The second generation of the sporty Honda, the “Ferrari” japanese, facing the final stretch before the start of your marketing and its implementation over Honda has resorted to an ambassador outstanding: Fernando Alonso.

it Is inevitable not to remember Ayrton Senna and his links to the launch of the first Honda NSX

The champion of the world, has been called up by Honda as the pilot of the team McLaren-Honda, to accompany the implementation over a Honda NSX which, remember, comes accompanied by a system hybrid covered by a V6 of 3.5 liters develops a total of 581 horses, leaving this power delivered to all four wheels, and using a gearbox dual-clutch for its transmission.

Fernando Alonso has praised the role of the brakes of this Honda NSX and that certain sensanciones not are aware of the perceived by an F1, though, obviously, his driving is very different.

ahead we expect rivals like McLaren 570S, the Ferrari 488 GTB, or the larger versions of the Porsche 911. All-wheel drive, a futuristic image, their “guts” hybrid… it’s running as strong arguments for not falling into the temptation of their opponents.

Is inevitable, to see the photos of the pilot asturian next to the new Honda NSX, not to remember that idyll between Ayrton Senna and the first generation of the Honda NSX, the mythical video of the pilot with loafers and white socks, those photos cleaning your NSX street…