Honda UR-V will be the name of the flagship in the form of SUV for China

Ensure that Honda UR-V will be the name chosen by the japanese firm for the SUV that will be positioned as top of the range in China. Will be based on the prototype Concept D presented last year.

Honda-Concept-D-1Andl last year honda was in the Car show in Beijing the Concept D, a prototype that will be the basis for a model that will come to production under the name Honda UR-V, a model that will transform into the flagship of Honda in the chinese market, within the SUV segment.

The information gathered from the records of patent and chinese ensures that the model will be one of the main innovations that Honda will take the next month to the chinese salon, to start your marketing from the last quarter of 2016.

In visual terms, although the prototype displayed last year was certainly not graceful, according to the images of the prototypes that were killed while carrying out running tests in Spain, apparently the production model will have an aesthetic more pleasing thanks to a design more conventional.

From Honda claim that this is a product that will have the most advanced technologies for comfort and safety. The UR-V will be produced by Guangzhou-Honda and is expected to be offered with a range of mechanical, composed of a petrol engine 2.4-liter and over a 2.0-liter turbo, associated to an automatic change of six marches and in the later versions equipped linked to a system of four wheel drive.

Honda does not offer the Pilot in China, for which the UR-V will be on the CR-V to serve as top of the range within the SUV segment. Ensure that your price will range between the equivalent of the 34.000 € for the versions more basic and 56.000 € for the more equipped.