Honda used the engine 'Spec 3' in Austria although there is no spare


Honda believed to be taking steps in the right direction and the points earned in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan have resulted in a considerable dose of relief in the employees of the japanese constructor which supplies engines to McLaren.

The head of Honda, Yusuke Hasegawa, believes that working together gave some nuts that are very much expected by all at McLaren-Honda. “I’m very relieved to have gotten points. The pilots did a very good job in a race of survival and we are very satisfied by it. It is very important to have ended with the two cars”.

in Addition, Hasegawa believes that Honda has shown to have taken a step forward in the reliability at the end of the race with the two cars, but is aware that there is still much to achieve. “I Am very satisfied by being able to show something of evolution in the reliability and therefore we can get points. It is very positive, but it is only a race, I can not say that we are very confident. From the performance point of view, only thirteen cars finished, so it is fair to say that we are not very fast”.


Stoffel Vandoorne completed the first doublet commanded by Fernando Alonso. That, in the case of McLaren, is to be able to finish the race with the two cars.

On the day of Friday practice, Fernando Alonso tested a new thruster unit with a combustion engine, more powerful and, although it is not enough to reach the rival, Hasegawa believes that it is enough for McLaren to be satisfied. “The gain is not enough to reach the top equipment, but it is a good progress. McLaren is not very excited because there is a great evolution, but obviously they are satisfied”.

The third specification will be used in Austria

unfortunately the motor was not able to roll everything desirable after a failure in the gearbox that revolutionized in excess of the motor, so that will have to be inspected before receiving the approval to be used again. “there Was a failure in the gearbox and we had an excess of revolutions. We did not detect any problems, but we’ll come back to check the engine in Sakura”.

Hasegawa doesn’t think there is a fault either, so I hoped and almost imposes its mounting on the car of Fernando Alonso for the Grand Prix of Austria, plus a new unit in the of Stoffel Vandoorne. “I Should be all good, so we hope to use specification 3 in both engines. Even though we don’t have a spare engine, no options, we have to use it in Austria”, said Hasegawa, who considers irrelevant the risk of not being able to make time a third unit of said engine, named Spec 3 by Honda.