Honda Wander: in the future, you can move in this widget (and not feel ridiculous for it)

How we will move in the future? Will we continue using cars? Can we use capsules to 1.220 km/h (see Hyperloop in 12 questions and answers)? How we will move in transport and one-man style Segway? Probably the mobility to evolve to systems of multimodal transportation, that is to say, we will not be able to move in car to buy the bread, because the center of the cities will be banned for this type of vehicles. And it is probably at that point at which we will begin to move in mobility solutions which a priori may seem as ridiculous as the Honda Wander Stand, because then they will have ceased to be to become alternative of private transport interesting.

The Honda Wander Stand is the last idea of Honda to transport one man in the city or, better said, for the transportation of two persons, because this is a transport two-seater. Would be covered by a capsule, to guard from the outside, but also to employ the entire surface of your windshield as Head-Up Display.

Her appearance is that of a Renault Twizy with wheels keeled, and even more compact and futuristic.


To move with him, we do not know if it will suffice to manipulate the joystick that can be clearly seen in the center of the dashboard, or on the contrary will be self-contained, such as Google Car, so that we can tell you where we want to go and take us to our destination without further worries.

honda-wander-stand-concept-01Its size, its two-seater, and the fact that you have seat belts, makes us imagine that this contraption has been devised to move on the road. In any case, let’s not forget that even this is only a prototype.


in Addition to the Wander Stand Concept, the Salon in Tokyo this year will see the presentation of the Wander Walker Concept that you see above, a quadricycle that will be exposed among other alternatives for the future for urban mobility.

honda-wander-walker-concept-02In terms of the quadricycle, we find solutions really interesting, as a built-in browser on your handlebars.


Or an even better idea, to provide the turn your wheels to ensure a capacity for excellent handling on the tarmac, but also among pedestrians.

Although after having seen it this summer as a Segway run over to Usain Bolt in your celebration, I have more doubts than ever about the fit of these transport of one person between the pedestrians.

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