Honda wants to make giant steps in F1

Arai habla con HasegawaYasuke Hasegawa, substitute of Arai at the helm of Honda F1 for the problems of 2015, appears to be somewhat more sensible and the communication with McLaren has improved a lot since he is. Even Eric Boullier went on to say that the change has been like night and day. Now Hasegawa should do everything possible to lead the team of engines to have a good power unit as soon as possible, and in it are working.

The japanese has spoken about the immediate future of Honda and they seem convinced that they do not want to give small steps and wasting tokens in improvements little remarkable, but they are doing expect precisely because they want to be sure that the steps you take are giant. It was rumored that if the data were adequate, Honda could bring forward a planned upgrade for the Canadian GP to enter it in the GP of Spain, but even that is not safe.

Alonso 6º en el GP de RusiaYasuke Hasegawa ensures that: “Andspero is a great step forward. I have heard that some parts are very promising. But until we have them we will not know exactly what benefit to us. […] From the point of view tactical we don’t want to spend tokens on upgrades mild. We want to use them effectively, but you never know, we may need to analyze the exact outcome of the evolution with much care.“.

The japanese is confident and points out that: “ICE and ERS, these are the areas that we are focusing on improving the most. We have 14 tokens, which is quite a lot compared to Ferrari and Mercedes, but even so we continue to be limited.“. What has not specified when to use them: “it Is clear that we continue to evolve, it’s just that we have to to decide when to introduce new technologies or when you spend the tokens. Far from what we have already decided.“.