Honda wants to make us crazy with a sporty engine with the MotoGP!

Brutal! We love the lightweight sports, the lighter the better. That is the spirit of KTM X -BOW, the Ariel Atom, and many others who in recent years have tried to fight to captivate the buyer ultralight sport and very focused on the track-day. We are fascinated with sports motorcycle engines, turns beasts to rise above even the best engine car that will come to mind, including V8 and V10 Japanese. And that’s the reason why we are impatient. Eager to know the work that Honda has termed Project 2 & 4 . And it is nothing but a sports car, with the engine of the Honda RC213V MotoGP!

A Moto GP Street: Would you pay € 188,000 for the Honda RC213V-S ?

The image you see above is merely a teaser , an advance in the form of detail that apparently shows an overhead view of the vehicle, which shows that is try a sports ultralight . For example, we can guess that it will be a single-seater – or two-seater, perhaps – with the cockpit on the left side. At the bottom and at the ends are perfectly appreciate their tires, suspensions without careen and outside the body .

Can you imagine a sports ultralight turns up above 13,000 rpm? Stop imagining. Honda will present us in a few days.

Its engine would be the same as that used by Honda RC213V -S, ultra-sports motorcycle, MotoGP Street, which starts at € 188,000 and that delivers 159 hp in its version ” decaffeinated “and 215 hp at 13,000 rpm with the Race kit. The real race MotoGP exceeds 235 hp.

the moment is just a prototype. For now. Now that Honda is back on track, entering Formula 1, launching a new Type-R (see test Honda Civic Type R) and pluck daisy petals awaiting the release of his new Honda NX, hopefully they see fit surprised with a beast of track-day , a rival for the X-Bow and Ariel Atom, do not you think?

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A Moto GP Street: Would you pay € 188,000 for the Honda RC213V-S ?

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