Honda will begin the test without knowing the cause of the breakdowns of Bahrain


The confusion seems to atenazar Honda, every time that a fault occurs in the motor, it has real problems to detect the causes. It has been so also in the case of repeated breakage of engine produced in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Stoffel Vandoorne had an in free practice on Friday, while Fernando Alonso had it in the Q2 on Saturday. Sunday, the belgian driver could not even get out to the track to start the race in, while the Spanish were retired four laps from the end.

in this regard, Yusuke Hasegawa acknowledges that “first we thought the problems came because it was the third career and the pieces had already accumulated enough mileage, but the MGU-H Stoffel was new, so that was not the cause. Therefore, we are anxious to know. We are very surprised to have had these faults”, he admitted in statements to Autosport.

Hasegawa acknowledges that it will take time to know the cause of the breaks, but that is something related to the MGU-H and the pressure of the water system. “we Still have a few days to find the cause, but we really have to put something to the test, even though it is the last day (of test). We don’t know the cause, but the water pressure dropped, something in the MGU-H. it Seems the same problem (that the previous days in Bahrain), although slightly different. But we have not had time to properly analyze them”.


what’s New in the test

The test of two days begins on the Tuesday, and Honda intends to introduce such innovations as a prior step to the new version of the engine, that it will still take a while to be available. “Some ideas will be tested, but will not be a brand new engine. We’re not going to give to meet our goal, I have one, but we are not prepared to comment on it. I don’t want to generate a lot of expectations to the fans, so we will wait”.

Hasegawa admits that it is not the time to be conservative, so that the pace of development will be as fast as possible and you will have to take risks in the Big Prizes. “In this situation we cannot be conservative, we really need to find some improvement”, said to finish the japanese.