Honda will bring to New York the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and Electric

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

When Honda presented to the world his Clarity Fuel Cell many were surprised. The japanese firm has not been able to succeed with their hybrid cars with the same strength that has made Toyota. However, its leaders know they have to differentiate by something that it does not occur, and the niche market has been chosen for the development of cars powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

Now that the Clarity is already on sale in certain markets and that looks like it is working, Honda have decided that they have to present the rest of the brothers of his range. versions hybrid plug-in and pure electric have already been developed and tested and it will be a matter of months that we see for the first time in a salon of the car.

The current Honda Clarity should get a face wash in the mid of this year and taking advantage of this situation, Honda would have decided to launch the full range. Therefore, according to have been communicated to those responsible for marketing the japanese firm, the series Clarity will be presented to the full when the next Auto show of New York open its doors to the public.

Honda Clarity Híbrido y Eléctrico

To rejoice in waiting, until the appointment of new york will celebrate, Honda has decided to launch a first official image. In it you can see the three versions that will have the Clarity (Fuel Cell, Plug-in Hybrid, and Electric) although the final design that will look is fading to not be able to appreciate the work that you have done the designers about their image.

not see great thing in this photograph does not prevent us to know that Honda will not touch too much the design of the Clarity. The reason is that their strokes remain current and striking, making it a unique car wherever it happens. This is why it will continue to maintain its characteristic body with a height unobtrusive for your type of vehicle and a width larger to emphasize its power on the road.

When the firm decides to launch the Clarity in its three versions the market, will come to more than fifty countries. With this in Honda expect their sales of cars powered by clean energies grow until they become a third part of them for the year 2030.

To determine their performance data, autonomy and savings will have to be wait for the Auto show in New York open its doors or to produce more leakage. While touch still waiting.

Source – Honda