Honda will celebrate its 70th anniversary with a new S2000


Honda S2000 is a roadster for all the times

the name of The Honda S2000 second generation again with force. The roadster japanese is one of those sports that is quickly becoming a legend alive thanks to a timeless design that to day of today continues to be very attractive, not to mention its reliable and powerful mechanical 2.0-liter VTEV. If you do not take a trip by car on occasion and see how are quoted.

said goodbye to us in 2009 but in all these years the idea of a successor has been always present. Today, we know that each day that passes, Honda is determined to give a continuation to the convertible making him a participant in a great family sport for all kinds of pockets. From the supercar hybrid Acura/Honda NSX to the performance Kei cars Honda S660.

A special sports to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Honda

According to the guys from Car&Driver, Honda will show us the new Honda S2000 in celebration of its 70th anniversary to come in 2018. The theory gains strength taking into account that the manufacturer launched the first S2000 to celebrate its 50 anniversary to this we must add that you have not given more hopeful about the new model disappointments. All seem to think that they have really been waiting for the right moment for its release.


The sport formed part of a thruster 2.0 VTEC up to 250 HP

the philosophy of The second generation will not change in its essence: it will be a roadster the size of a Mazda MX-5 but still very above with respect to features and price. Let us remember that the now defunct S2000 equates a propellant 250 CV in japan and 240 HP for the rest of the world.

For the moment we know that the new model will mount the mechanics of the Honda Civic Type-R, a 2.0-liter VTEC new generation that generates 310 HP and 400 Nm of peak torque in the compact, although not yet rejected the idea of an alternative and more contained with a block 1.5 litres and even a hybrid version.

What complicated this project is, without a doubt the creation of a platform specific for this model since it does not serve neither the NSX nor the little S660, both because of the size difference as by the provision of the engine, the S2000 should lead the engine front while the other models mentioned have it located in a central position-to-back. The more important question is will you Share a platform with any new model, both the house as from another manufacturer, or on the contrary will be also unique?