Honda will develop its electric technology with the collaboration of Hitachi

electrification of the automobile sector the wind in its sails at full sail. Tesla Motors will begin deliveries of its Model 3, the next day, July 28, and to it we are adding other manufacturers. One of them is the Volkswagen Group, after having done what he has done with the Dieselgate is betting everything to the electrification of its range of models.

In Japan does not want to be behind in the trends of the sector and therefore Honda is making strategic moves to take the first step. In hybrid technology Toyota Motor took the first set but in the manufacture of cars powered by batteries the house of the “H” does not want to cede even a single millimetre.

To do this, Honda, announced five months ago that joined with Hitachi to create electric motors. At that moment they were unaware of the details of this agreement, but are now official. According to have been reported by both firms, the collaboration agreement that was signed will be limited to the design, development and manufacture of components for electric and hybrid vehicles.

to carry out this mission will create a new company with an initial investment of about $ 44 million (Hitachi will take a 51 percent of the capital and Honda the remaining 49 percent). The commercial name of this new company is Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems and will focus on the development of the hardware necessary for that electric cars and hybrids can work.

According to Takahiro Hachigo, Director of Honda Motor Company

“to produce these engines requires a huge investment, so instead of just manufacturarlos for ourselves, we would like to produce in large volumes with the possibility of providing a wide variety of customers,”

therefore, in a first moment will be focused on the production of electric motors for electric and hybrid cars. In the future, depending on the host that have their products there would be to produce packages of batteries with different energy capacity.

Source – Honda

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