Honda will have your vehicle driving as an autonomous 2020

The third largest japanese automaker has announced that within five years you will have a model equipped with a driving system automated. Honda will join other manufacturers in the race to put an autonomous car on the market.

HondaGoogle works since years in your car driving and autonomous Apple did not publicly admit to but is also carrying out an investigation. A few days ago Tesla updated the software of their cars and among the new functions, it allows that at any given time are conducted in an automatic way.

But the big car manufacturers japanese have not remained idly by and have decided to address to the companies of technology. Toyota and Nissan believe that the year 2020 will be the time that the technology will mature to reach the market and is now Honda which also adds to that race.

The date is not casual, as it coincides with the Tokyo Olympics that will take place in the same year, and that will mean a huge stained-glass window for japanese companies. So far there are no details about the functions provided, or the capabilities of the model that Honda is developing, but the Tokyo motor show that will take place in a few more days, you may be able to provide some additional data.

General Motors plans to introduce the Cadillac CT6 2017 a technology called ‘Super Cruise’, which is not a conduction system totally autonomous, but rather a system of assistance to the driving of the type developed by Tesla. At the same time the us label develops a driving system autonomous that will be put to the test by a flourish of Chevrolet Volt at its tech center in Warren, Michigan.

Honda are saved all the secrets of this new technology, for display in the Tokyo motor show in one few days more. It is not known whether it will be a technology applicable to the entire range of products, or whether on the contrary it will be a vehicle specific, such as the autonomous car of Google, which bears some similarity to the format of the Honda PUYO Concept the year 2007 that you can wash in the picture that heads this article.

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