Honda will introduce the Civic Type-R final in Geneva 2017


Honda Civic Type-R concept, presented in Paris 2016.

Honda has already confirmed that it will present at the Geneva motor show new production version of the Civic Type-R, only a few months after presenting in Paris the Type-R Prototype, which anticipated the most radical of the compact japanese.

As we advance, this will be manufactured at the uk plant in Swindon and exported to all markets in europe, Japan and even the united States, where as you had told, you come for the first time the Civic Type-R.

The new Civic Type R will be the star of the stand of the brand in Geneva and more than likely to be very similar to the model that we saw presented in Paris and at the SEMA Las Vegas. Your engine will be the 4-cylinder TURBO VTEC 2.0-liter, and for the moment, Honda has not revealed the specifications of the new mechanics, but surely will exceed the figures of its predecessor, so we should expect a performance, something above the 300 horses.


Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The new Civic Type-R will start its production during the summer of 2017 in Honda’s plant in Swindon, so that we can meet you at the dealers as early as in the autumn of the same year.

Next to the new Civic Type-R, the japanese manufacturer will present in Geneva two other developments, as presented previously but which are also novelties of the brand. In the first place, we find the Clarity Fuel Cell, the first model of hydrogen production of the japanese house. The first units have already arrived to Europe at the end of last year, but for the moment very few specimens and as part of the european programme HyFIVE.

you will Also find the new Honda NeuV, a prototype presented in
January of this year during the CES in Las Vegas and is presented by time
first time in Europe. This concept car is entirely electric, is a
proposal for the future which presents a new alternative in terms of the sentido of the property and the use of the car traditional.


Honda NeuV concept, presented at CES 2017.

Because as an autonomous vehicle, is capable by itself of go while is not going to be used by your driver, and make the function of vehicle of car sharing, returning home once you have finished the routes and arrival time of return to be used by its owner. The NeuV has a system that allows you to learn from your owner, as your favorite routes or emotional responses of the driver, to be able to learn and act accordingly.