Honda will present in Paris the new Civic hatchback and sedan 2017


First official image of the new Civic X generation.

Honda has confirmed the presentation of the european version of the new generation of the Civic hatchback at the upcoming Paris Salon 2016, revealing in addition the first official image of the model by way of a teaser. Where we can clearly see the rear light clusters, identical to those of the version of specifications north american that was presented just a few weeks. So we can deduce that the tenth generation of the compact japanese will eventually be a global model.

This variant hatchback is manufactured in the facilities of Honda in Swindon, Uk and is exported to markets such as the united States or Canada. Markets in which until now was not available to the bodywork of five doors and the family Tourer, versions until now exclusive to markets like the european one.

likewise, the japanese firm revealed in the same press release that with the new version of five-door, will also be presented in Paris the new variant of sedan Civic for Europe. Version that disappeared from the old continent for years, and that will be again available in this tenth generation. The new Civic sedan, 2017 will be manufactured at the plant in Gebze, in Turkey, and as the new hatchback will be available across Europe, except Uk, reaching both to the dealers at the beginning of 2017.


New Jazz Spotlight Edition.

This new global strategy not only will help to provide a greater range of possibilities to one and the other side of the Atlantic, in addition to will be a convenient cost savings, use fewer resources by not having two ranges are distinct. Until now, the Civic american was limited to versions 2 and 4 doors on the sedan body, that had little or nothing to do with the european range.

The new body hatchback global will allow customers in the united States to dispose of the future Civic Type-R, which I loved when it was caught testing a few days ago.

Together with these two new models, Honda will present in its stand the new Jazz Spotlight Edition. The production version of the Keenlight concept, presented at the Geneva motor show this year. This new version, which will not be available neither in the Uk, has a number of unique design features, as a decoration in bronze for the front grille, new 15-inch wheels and exterior mirrors, as well as various adhesives, decorative and interior modifications.