Honda will supply McLaren’s engine with new design and architecture for 2017


Renault announced in late December that had bet on a design radically different from its propellant to be placed in a position to reach out to Mercedes and become the best engine in Formula 1.

is Now Tim Goss, the Technical Director of McLaren, who confirms what Honda suggested months ago: that the thruster of the season 2017 that will propel the team has been redesigned to give a great step forward. The japanese have not wanted to be limited to evolve the engine block existing, and, for this season, have taken advantage of the change of regulation and the abolition of the token system to give the engine a new architecture and, therefore, design, in order to better adapt to the new dimensions of the car.

Tim Goss comments on their own website, McLaren “the token system that was applied to the development of the engine during the last few seasons has been suspended. For 2017, the architecture and the design of the engine of Honda have been altered to serve both for performance as well as the needs of the placement. The new power unit takes a large part of the learning of the last two seasons, but has been specifically redesigned for this season,”. In this way, Honda hopes to permanently close the gap of power that has been weighed down to McLaren in the last two seasons.