Honda will take part in the american production of the Civic Sedan in Japan

Honda Civic 2017 Europa

The automobile market in the united States is reorganizing. Until recently, sales of vehicles in middle and low consumption seemed to be winning the battle, but the improvement of their economy is doing that american consumers are forgetting the lean season and are opting for the purchase of SUV’s and all terrain. Such is the change that manufacturers such as FCA and even General Motors are restructuring their factories to start producing more SUV’s and all terrain.

Honda has in the country of Uncle Sam its international market was more important and in view of its evolution has just announced a strategic move is very important. The Honda Civic is the vehicle most sold of the brand in the country, but the increase in sales of the SUV has forced the company to rethink its manufacturing strategy. According to this, need to stop hollow for the CR-V and the large models of the firm can be manufactured in a greater number of units, and to do this they have decided to be part of the production of the sedan version of the compact to Japan.

Honda Civic 2017 Europa

From seven years ago that the Civic Sedan is not produced and sold in Japan, but now it seems she returns home to help the sales of your elder brothers will improve dramatically. With this move the firm also looks for a improvement of its image as a brand in his native country. According to the japanese customers, Honda is a brand specialized in manufacturing small cars and minivans, but with the Civic sedan you can improve your positioning in the segment of the compact and sedans average.

sales of the Civic Sedan in Japan is scheduled for this summer and with this new generation expect sales to be higher than those of the previous generation. In addition, the firm has also reported that the extra unit manufactured in Japan will be like instead of target the american market. If this adjustment allows you to increase the chances of Honda in the united States the firm may make further adjustments to meet the demand of the american country.

Source – Honda Motors Co

Honda Civic
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