Honda will use the tokens remaining in win power


The manager japanese acknowledges that there is still work to be done
to achieve optimal reliability, but ensures that is not
necessary to use more tokens to do this
, and now the goal
main passes to get a higher performance. “We will
to use the tokens for both the engine power and your
deployment. For reliability, we do not need to use them. By
course we have to make changes to gain performance. A
we got more
power we will be able to make changes in other areas to confirm the
I think that this
comes with the power you need to be so”
, said

“The current performance is not enough to get into Q3

McLaren has improved their figures
power with respect to 2015, and the deficit of top speed because it is not
so great
, but still must improve considerably in this aspect, as the
own Yasegawa recognized in
statements collected by
“Now we must
focus on the performance of the internal combustion engine,
we know that the current is not enough to get into Q3.
I think that is more or less what we expected. It is not too good,
but it is reasonable. we Still have a deficit of top speed in the
straight, so that is everything for us
, said the japanese.

Hasegawa, who replaces
Yasuhisa Arai this year, as the visible head of the project, not
satisfied with improve what’s offered in the past year and not lose sight of
the ultimate goal is to win and, of course, reset the
lost prestige by nippon mark in this turbulent return to the
Formula 1. To do this, Honda,
already increased the size of the turbo during the winter (although
finally decided to keep it on the inside of the V formed by the
cylinders, position that your rivals have not rated), the has
fourteen tokens for the remainder of the season
and try to get closer
the figures of power who drive Mercedes and Ferrari.

The chassis also has improved

Jenson Button is optimistic with the results obtained, not only in
the area of the engine, but also as the chassis is concerned.
The car now gives me a lot of confidence, which is positive.
It seems that we have taken a step forward from Barcelona to the
first race and in
Bahrain. In regards to
power and reliability, we are enhancing
and it is fantastic.
There is always more
things we need to do, but the important thing is to focus on what
, ended
saying the british pilot.