Honda would redesign the entire engine 2017


Yusuke Hasegawa has granted an interview to Motorsport in which it confirms that finally Honda has decided to make a profound remodeling in the promoter of each to try to close the performance gap existing between them and their rivals Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.

The highest officer of Honda F1 has explained the mode of action of the brand during the present season, as well as other aspects related to the reliability or the relationship between McLaren and they.

In China they saw the reality

“In preseason, we thought that our car was not bad
to score. So we decided to start the season with a
very basic configuration because the reliability would be our
priority. But after the Grand Prix of China, where we ended up
12th and 13th and all over the world finished the race, I realized that as well not
we would get nothing
, so that we risk”.

Risk at the expense of reliability

“Since Russia started to use higher settings and
performance values higher and that was related
directly with some of the problems that we suffer. But I understood that
we had to take some risks. This has increased the problems and,
unfortunately, what happened in Spa was for this reason also
. We needed
higher performance and that is the reason why we introduced a
new specification of engine, but we didn’t have enough time
to configure it, adjust it and check it out. That provoked us
problems in Belgium and Italy, but it is what we had to do”.

The further evolution of the grill

“I think So. It is also natural, because
we started from the very back. We have had to overcome more quickly
the rest, in terms of rate of improvement of performance we have been
faster than the others
. But as you approach is going to be
more difficult to approach even more”.

Honda leverages the resources of McLaren

“I Believe that the relationship is getting better and better, although is something
normal, because it is already the second year. And because of this we can
to introduce some of their technologies. They were asked to design and
produce some parts. They have an enormous factory for the
manufacture of carbon, so it made sense to ask him
. I don’t know
exactly what occurred in the past year, but this year there is a
communication very close and smooth. We talked many times as
computer, without a line that separates McLaren Honda”.

The engine 2017

“For the next year, without limitation of tokens, we can
redesign the entire engine. So that we started our chamber
of combustion from zero
. The combustion and the ICE will be the greatest

The pre-chamber combustion that already use their rivals

“I’m Not going to reveal anything, that’s a key area. Of course
we investigated all possibilities, but we don’t want to say
exactly what we’re going to do.”

The concept of ‘size-zero’ McLaren

“we can’t reveal the whole package at this moment, but in
as for that name -size zero – all engines have to be
small as possible. So we’re not going to give up that name and
we will do a restructuring. But it is difficult to say what will
. We modified many areas, but it is hard to say if it is
is the engine completely different”.