Honda WR-V: occurs in Brazil, this small SUV for South America

Honda WR-V

The new Honda WR-V is filed in Brazil. A model exclusive to South America.

These days takes place on the Automobile Salon of São Paulo in 2016. One of the most important events of the automotive sector in South America. More and more brands that opt for these emerging markets to present exclusive new or to announce the arrival of their latest models developed. In this case, we will show you one of the most exciting developments that leaves us, for the moment, the event. The new Honda WR-V.

few days Ago we published a brief sketch, by way of foretaste of this SUV that has finally broken in Brazil. The new Honda WR-V is a model developed in Brazil, country in which it will also be manufactured and exported to the other markets of South america, where it will be marketed. As well we anticipate and we can see in these images, this is a SUV of small dimensions.

Within the range of Honda in Brazil, the new WR-V will be for size and performance a step below the Honda HR-V. In the absence of details such as its price or the equipment that it will offer serial, all makes us think that it will be a very interesting option of access to the range SUV of Honda in Brazil and other markets in the area. The Honda HR-V is available from 79.900 brazilian real (22.570€), therefore, it is expected that the new WR-V is pretty cheap, cheaper.

Honda WR-V - posterior

The new Honda WR-V has been developed in Brazil and will be manufactured there.

name WR-V makes reference to “Winsome Runabout Vehicle” and Honda makes a special emphasis on the fact that account with a few measures, very compact, but at the same time, a spacious cabin and a luggage compartment with a loading capacity more than generous. An ideal combination for the daily use in the city or outside of it by their own characteristics to the SUV segment.

During its development, the designers and engineers of Honda in Brazil have taken as a starting point the needs of drivers in South America. The concepts of “rugged and urban” are present in your image outside and inside (although we don’t have images of the passenger compartment).

With a design “crossoverizado”, it seems that Honda has been used as the basis of the Fit that, after a period of intake of steroids and vitamins, become a SUV. Details like its robust bumper, the body-on-high or the LED lights for daytime running integrated in the headlights to our attention. In the rear, the surround to the inside of the lights will be one of their most characteristic features.

Honda WR-V - frontal

the front conveys a character that is tough and the ability to deal with any terrain.

The grille, wheel arches and fenders scattered around the outside are another of its strong points. Without forgetting the chrome details. By the way, the mirrors also include a flashing LED to signal the maneuvers.

In regard to subparagraph (a mechanic, for the moment, Honda has not provided details about it, although everything seems to be powered by the same engine currently used in the Honda Fit. If so, under your hood there will be a Flex engine of 1.5 liters with a power of 116 HP that may be associated both to a manual gearbox of five speeds or an automatic CVT. In any case, Honda stresses that its consumption will be greatly reduced.

When will arrive at dealers? Initially will come to Brazil along the first half the next year 2017. It will later be released on other markets in South America, where Honda has a presence. As well we said at the beginning of the article, will be manufactured in Brazil.

press conference of Honda at the Auto show of São Paulo 2016, Brazil.