Horner acknowledged that Red Bull came to install a Honda engine in the RB12


Christian Horner has surprised us by admitting that, during the existing crisis between Red Bull and Renault by the end of 2015, the formation of the anglo-austrian came to mount a propeller Honda at the Red Bull RB12 with a view to the season 2016 Formula 1.

At that time, the relations with Renault were at a critical point, and Red Bull was looking for an alternative to the motors. Mercedes and Ferrari offered many difficulties, and that led them to negotiate with Honda. But, although the japanese were willing to provide to the team of Dietrich Mateschitz, Ron Dennis vetoed the agreement and the operation was cancelled.

“Twelve months ago we had had a year of horrible and the prospects were not encouraging for the following year (season 2016). I think that we were open to all possibilities and the decision was made late. At various times there were three different solutions to meet 2016 and gave little time to the design team to optimize the package on the basis of the engine -thirteen months ago came to install a Honda engine in the rear. It was a hard winter, but all remained focused on developing the car and produced a great chassis, something evident from the first test”.

After that, Red Bull has agreed with the French brand use of its proponents under the name of TAG Heuer, an agreement which remains in force despite the fact that relations have been restored and helped by the momentum that the French have given to its engine this year.

“it Is remarkable. I think that is the test of the strength in the team and it is clear that, in terms of the engine, in Viry-Châtillon have done a great job also. I think that, after all the negative conversations of the past year, if anything was made clear was the restructuring in Viry and it has become evident in the benefits of this year“.

everyone points to Red Bull as a clear opponent of Mercedes in 2017 and Horner thinks that the new regulation will give a lot of play and allow the good drivers stand out more in the track, as has been pointed out in an interview granted to F1i.com.

“I Think that the factor that excited is that the established order will change in 2017. The cars paint great and will test the riders more than the current. I Think that riders brave will be rewarded and there will be more differences between them. Hopefully with this change of rules has a chance to match things up a little bit. If we can make races like the last two in Mexico or in Brazil, the F1 will face a great year”.