Horner believes F1 needs “desperately” more candidates to victories


The Grand Prix of Brazil was, for Christian Horner, as an example of the urgency of the need Formula 1 to put an end to the dominance of Mercedes. In a career that will rain allowed Red Bull to have a chance of victory, and the race raised the levels of interest in a remarkable way, it was clearly seen that the category needs more teams with a chance of victory, as we saw in 2012, when eight different drivers won at least one race.

Christian Horner believes that “F1 desperately needs the competitive element, we need three (teams) and six drivers coming to a Grand Prix in terms of winning. I think that the rules change will shake things up a bit. I’m sure that Toto (Wolff) I would like to freeze the cars for the next five years, but I think that the change in legislation presents us with a great opportunity to us”, said the british in statements collected by Motorsport.

Red Bull is recovering his fitness, thanks to the improvement provided by Renault from the point of view of the engine and the change of regulation is a great opportunity to assault the throne of Mercedes, according to Horner. “I Think we have a strong team, we have a couple of riders strong and we have all the ingredients to make a season strong in the coming year. And maybe we can actually delete the domain that we have seen on the part of Mercedes”.

in Addition, Horner expects the new cars to improve the show, not only pose a major challenge for pilots, but also because of the great increase of speed cornering will make them more interesting to see them on the track. “All will balance out a bit and the cars will be more physical, more challenging. We will distinguish more pilots at this time. The courageous pilots will have, insurance, reward. And we will have a show more exciting, also, because the cars will be worth seeing, with the speed of step-by-curve that we’re going to get”.