Horner criticized the management of Silverstone


The past Tuesday, July 11, , the British Racing Drivers Club, the entity that manages the circuit of Silverstone announced that it had executed a clause in the contract with Formula 1 to reduce the duration of the same until 2019, due to the inability to cope with the economic demands of the agreement reached with Bernie Ecclestone.

the intention of The BRDC is to negotiate a new contract with Liberty Media to continue to bring the Formula 1 to Silverstone, but for the moment it is no more than a declaration of intentions on the part of the owners of the circuit.

And in this regard has been pronounced Christian Horner, which considers a very risky maneuver, which could result in a Grand Prix in London from 2020. “Silverstone is a track wonderful. The teams and drivers love to come here. Liberty has expressed his commitment that there will be a british Grand Prix but, with the event organised in London, if it was a success as it is likely that this is so, one can imagine a Grand Prix in London as something very attractive to the boys of Liberty”.

Poor management of resources

Horner has not been diplomatic at all and has severely criticized the management of the situation. “Silverstone needs to be a bit more careful with the way the managed themselves and negotiate. It amazes Me that they executed the clause. Signed a contract and knew how it would evolve with the time, have now realized that they can not afford to even fill the circuit every year,”, said in a statement to Autosport.


Horner believes that the new paddock at Silverstone was an error on the part of the managers of the circuit.

To the maximum responsible of Red Bull, the problem has been in the interpretation of the contract to be signed in its day, but also some of the decisions taken in recent years in relation to the modernization of the circuit. “Or should not have signed the contract or the accounts are wrong. Have spent a fortune on the boxes and have placed them in the wrong place. They have created a paddock without any atmosphere in one of the circuits most historic in the Uk, so I would say that there has been poor management and decisions have been taken wrong”.

My preference would be to see the Grand Prix stay at Silverstone, but probably need a management new

In any case, Horner declares openly their preferences and want to continue watching the Formula 1 at Silverstone, although you would see with good eyes a change of management. “My preference would be to see the Grand Prix stay at Silverstone and maybe they can get an agreement that ensures their long-term stay, but probably need a new vision on how to manage it”.