Horner impressed with the development plan of Honda

Abiteboul y Horner

Abiteboul and Horner

Christian Horner saw no potential in the Renault motor, but as he says the british journalist Alan Henry, Horner himself was impressed with the plan of development that has Honda for the engine of F1. Apparently Red Bull sought to be powered by Honda, although it was vetoed by Ron Dennis, and it was not a desperate plan to stay in F1, but had a real interest in the Honda.

apparently, according to Henry, the data that contributed to Horner were very promising and was impressed with the potential development of the japanese. The Milton Keynes at the end have had to settle with continue to keep the Renault engine under the brand TAG Heurer for 2016 and Ferrari with specification of 2015 for the scuderia Toro Rosso.

V6 Turbo de Honda para la F1Henry has commented that “I Hear good things from Woking, but perhaps the most striking proof is the interest that Red Bull Racing had to have Honda as a manufacturer. I’ve known that his team boss, Christian Horner, was impressed with the development that is underway, he believed that it was a path worth taking.” about the potential of the Honda engine.

Obviously Honda will work without rest this winter to catch up and can only get better after the disappointing season opening of the motor nippon along with McLaren. Yasuhisa Arai was joking in the GP of Abu Dhabi on the vacation of its employees, revealing that not stop and have an ambitious plan for the new engine of 2016 that will be redesigned with what we learned this season.