Horner, leery about a hypothetical progress of Sainz: “we’re Not going to give”


the equator of The championship leading Formula 1 teams begin to devote more efforts that had been devoted until now to think about the 2018 season.

The structure of Red Bull is not different from the others in this aspect, or much less, and the recent disputes between the leaders of the team of the energy drink and the Carlos Sainz have resulted in the agreement of madrid is settled for the coming year, making sure your seat is in Toro Rosso for the next campaign. “nothing has changed”, explained Christian Horner. “Carlos Sainz has a contract with Red Bull Racing, you have two years with us”.

we consider the case for a substantial cost, we have invested heavily in Carlos

however, the chief of Milton Keynes has added a nuance to his recent statements in which he claimed that Sainz could not put an end to his current contract, asserting that “we value you as an asset, and an asset has a value”. The possible interest of teams such as Renault has achieved the responsible person to admit that they would be willing to let out to the #55 to receive an offer meaty for him. “If there is any team that would like to have with him, something that has a value must have a price. Of course that would consider the case if someone was prepared to make an offer for a price significantly, as we have invested a lot in Carlos”.

Horner recalls that led him to the Formula BMW to Formula 1, and clarifies that “we’re not going to give”. However, guarantees with a resounding “not” that, for the moment, no team has made a firm proposal by Sainz, leaving the door open for the departure of its pilot.


the man with the permanent smile builds up 117 points in the world, by the limited 57 of his companion.

Ricciardo and Verstappen, ‘blocked’

on the other hand, Horner denies that Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen to have the slightest chance of leaving Red Bull, testifying that their contracts are closed and “there’s not a price high enough for the two of them”. The australian ends his agreement with Red Bull at the end of the next season, while the dutchman still has two years of contract ahead and “2019 is still very far away”.

“Daniel’s contract ends, will complete his fifth year of contract with us and I am confident that we can begin to talk with him when you are approaching 2019”. In Red Bull there is no place for Carlos Sainz in 2018, and it’s not likely to have short-term, so that a step to one side for their part to a team that might allow him to fight for podiums in races, something crazy is in the air for now.