Horner responds to Wolff: “ExxonMobil won three GPs last year”


The statements of the leaders of the teams travel, on a number of occasions, a path back and forth. Toto Wolff said recently that the fact that Red Bull is to take of a supplier of fuel and lubricants different from Renault implies, above all, an obstacle in its attempt to match Mercedes and Ferrari.

however, Christian Horner keeps his personal point of view, which differs greatly from that of the head of the arrows silver. “We see it as an advantage,”, said the leader of the team of the energy drink. “We have a great relationship with Exxon, and has been for the last 12 months”.

Not what we would do if we not see a technical advantage

Not to use BP and Castrol, as he makes the mark of a rhombus in Formula 1, does not assume any liability for Red Bull, according to Horner, since the products of ExxonMobil “won three Major Awards last year,”, referring to Azerbaijan, Malaysia, and Mexico, races won by Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. “Obviously implies an additional burden, because they are a supplier different to that of the official team, but it just means that they have to test more engines on the test bench, and obviously we have to cover those costs. Not what we would do if we not see a technical advantage”.

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Red Bull was ahead of Mercedes by its own merits, the last appointment of Malaysia.

on the other hand, the british leader spent a few moments to analyze what has led to the pre-season so far, focusing their words on those computers that will have options in the struggle for the world. “I Think that it is very difficult to draw conclusions”, began Horner.

“You get a slight idea, you see that Mercedes is in good shape and that Ferrari seems to be strong”. The Maranello have set the clock faster in the two-week test, although the long runs of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton reveal that the formation of the star will be, once more, the rival to beat. “we Expect to be close, would be great for Formula 1 that would have several teams in the fight, but you can be sure that Mercedes is going to be, definitely, the favourite for this championship”, concluded Horner.