Horner: “those Who speak of Ricciardo, don’t know his contract”


Christian Horner arrived at the Formula 1 at the hand of Red Bull and, despite his youth, he soon proved that he was the ideal person for the position. Currently, the team’s former ruler, suffer to opt-in to the podiums in each race.

But the renewed relationship with Renault is starting to give its fruits and, after the turbulence of the past, they both return to work in harmony and all of it is beginning to see it reflected in the results. Horner has wanted to influence it in an interview with the official website of the Formula 1, in addition to clarify what happened with Daniiil Kvyat, Max Verstappen and the apparent interest of Ferrari, Daniel Ricciardo.

The relationship with Renault and the improvement of the engine

“that Sure is a great asset. The engine and the chassis should work in harmony. We have begun to see that back to work together. Obviously, he said some very hard things in the past, but that stimulated the reaction at Viry (the factory of engines of Renault). changes Were made in the direction and hired new staff, and is now starting to see. The relationship is now very cordial and we have extended for two more years”.

“Mario (Illien) has a lot of experience and is an advantage. But, fundamentally it is the restructuring under the direction of Remi Taffin has occurred in Viry. The wise recruitment staff from some of its rivals, and the promotion of talent that has always been present in Viry, they made the change. Now we see the fruits of it”.

¿Is Red Bull the best chassis of the grill?

“it Is very difficult to measure those things. it’s Always about the whole and in that sense the Mercedes is still the best. We are working hard to close the gap and in Monaco we had the best chassis/engine, but Montreal shows a small difference of new”.

¿Is Red Bull ahead of Ferrari?

“it Is difficult to say. In certain circuits, we are stronger than Ferrari, just look at the last two races. But in the previous one, in Sochi, they were stronger than us”.


The barter Kvyat-Verstappen

During the Grand Prix of Russia, Helmut and I discussed give Max a test with Red Bull at the end of the year, probably at Silverstone. But then what happened in the race altered the plans and, combined with other interests, intensified the process. Helmut and I discussed an early move and Dietrich (Mateschitz) took the final decision. And, without a doubt, it was the right decision”.

“We have a lot of information about the riders in the car and the simulator. And, for us, it was clear that Daniil was suffering in comparison with his partner in certain aspects of the car. So it was a combination of this and an increase of pressure around. It was clear that the right thing was to draw you away from the pressure and return to a family environment. If Red Bull didn’t think that Daniil is a great talent, the relationship would have ended at that time”.

The roller coaster of Max in Spain and Monaco

“Max came to Monaco full of confidence after the victory of
Barcelona. Pushed to the limit and, sometimes, when you do it in
Monaco, you get it back. And he did it in a way unfortunate!
the first half of his career was
fantastic, but the slightest error of judgment that keeps you from drifting out
with yours
. Max had bad luck, but we all know that in Monaco
you build your own luck”.

do go away Ricciardo of Red Bull?

“Error, no contract
ends at the end of the season. do All those who speak know your
contract? Not
. Yes (keep your pair of drivers next year), but not only in 2017!”