Horner: “we will Return, it is only a matter of time”


have Not been easy times for Red Bull. The crisis of the engines lived to the end of 2015 was about to put an end to the athletic program of the energy-drink brand in the Formula 1. Despite this and after finding a solution, it seems that Dieter Mateschitz values its investment in the medium and long term. So explained Christian Horner in an interview in F1 Racing, in which the pattern of Red Bull has allowed them to see that the team is committed to continue in the category until at least 2020. All a declaration of intentions.

In this line, Christian Horner says that Mateschitz was disappointed with the category and with the nuance that it was taking the search of a motorist. However, now look to the medium and long term, even beyond the contract that Red Bull has with Bernie Ecclestone until 2020: “never say Never, it depends on the direction in which go the category, but as long as everything goes well and the Formula 1 continue to be a credible and viable, then I don’t see any reason why not to continue“.


a Large part of these enhanced sensations pass through the agreement to be able to equip engines V6 Turbo source Renault, but with the name of TAG Heuer. While the signature watch gets its nomenclature, the French rider has ensured Red Bull a treatment identical to that you will receive the factory team that has risen the brand gala: The team has a real action and love to, is capable of attract brands such as TAG Heuer. Has been a brand synonymous with Mclaren for years, demonstrating the commercial value that has the Red Bull, even after a year as difficult. The people believe in the future and although we’ve had a letdown, volveremos, it is only a matter of time“.

in spite of this, Christian Horner believes that Red Bull has a tough challenge: “We are going to possibly address to a first quarter of 2016 challenging for us. With each evolution of the power unit, the situation should improve. That is our goal, being realistic,”. So valued Horner a start to the season that has a first date marked, on the 17th of February. That day, Red Bull will unveil their new colors with the new Puma and TAG Heuer as sponsors. The event will take place in London.